HMD-HD Series
waterproofed type high sensitivity displacement-meter
  • The displacement with compact HMD-HD -- it is the total
    HD65X The length of 65mm, the width of 15mm, the depth of 11mm, weight 20-40g .HD33X The length of 33mm, the width of 9mm, the depth of 6mm, weight 5g .
  • HMD-HD -- 1000-2000micro strain / high sensitivity of 0.1mm -- displacement -- it is the total
    HD65/33X the maximum -- displacement -- quantity 1-3mm . 
  • HMD-HD has full waterproofing, high pressure, and a high low-temperature environmental type.
  • HMD-HD -- the displacement in the surface, a burying type distortion meter, and bad environment -- the use as total spreads
  • The polynomial conversion for approximation etc. is supported.
A performance, the characteristic (HD65X)

HMD-LDT Series
Displacement sensor - LDT (Local Deformation Transducer) 
Standard LDT

LDT for large distortion

R type LDT

LDT for diameters
  • LDT -- a sample -- direct -- attaching -- displacement -- it is measurable
    It can change that it is possible also to a soft sample [ that a distortion gauge cannot attach ].
  •  An output higher than the time of the one sheet gauge attachment which measures distortion of a sample is obtained.
  • LDT is 4 bridge structure of standard 120ohm, it is that each distortion gauge carries out temperature compensation, and better data is obtained.
  • as long as give extreme modification unlike a distortion gauge and there is nothing -- being certain -- grade reuse can be carried out .
  • HMD-LDT is minute -- there is a grade (30% or more of distortion) type very much from displacement .
  • There is HMD-LDT from a minimum of 10mm.
  • HMD-LDT has full waterproofing, high pressure, and a high low-temperature environmental type.
  • HMD-LDT has height (length) and a diameter measurement type.
  • HMD-LDT can also perform a manufacture of a special type.
  • In the standard, as for HMD-LDT, the wiring power error is made to become small using a Teflon thin electric wire.
  • HMD-LDT is highly precise -- displacement -- the total was used -- proofreading data is appended repeatedly .
  • The tool convenient for proofreading of HMD-LDT and attachment, a check, etc. and the HMD-LDT set are prepared.
  • Various kinds of hinges are prepared.
  • When using multi-logger, measurement, polynomial conversion, etc. are supported.

LDT for small diameters


LDT for Large diameters


LDT for Arm Type


A photograph is a distortion gauge and the height LDT.
Diameter LDT, various hinges, an attachment implement, etc.


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